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  • well, i’m pretty sure you’re only including it so that on the competition page, you can switch easily between designs. Maybe they’ll get removed or include a notice for downloaders to remove the line.

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    Ok, let’s lay out some background here since some people seem to be confused. Typically, Alex has always tried to provide a functional demo installation of all of the themes in the contest. This year, it looks like he will be doing this by providing a demo blog and using Theme Switcher to allow an individual to view any theme in action.

    Now, this is a Theme Competition, not a WordPress Mod competition. So, any theme may be submitted as long as it does not require a plugin in order to be functional (ex: a category image plugin). Since Alex will be setting up a theme demo site which will make use of Theme Switcher, all themes are required to include a theme switcher tag wp_theme_switcher(); .

    That sort of goes against the idea of an easy-drop-in theme though, right?

    Links to any theme creation tutorials/creating internationalized theme tutorials are quite welcome, I’ll add the links to the competition pages to help people get started.

    Macmanx is quite right, the reason for the theme switcher requirement is so people can see the themes live on the competition blog. This should be a better real live usage scenario that can expose more corner cases than the static pages in the first competition..

    doesn’t using the tag for a plugin that does not exist cause it to break? I’ve taken to calling functions by
    <?php if (function_exists('wp_theme_switcher')) wp_theme_switcher(); ?> That way, no plugin – no error. A little OT but anyway.

    Matt, if you have a better idea of how to showcase the themes and being able to switch between them on a live blog without needing the theme switcher, I’m all ears. 🙂

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    Alex, here’s all you’ll need (I think) as far as theme documentation goes:

    I take it only wholly original themes are acceptable rather than say taking an exisitng theme and changing it?

    You can modify an existing GPL’ed theme, but if you don’t make very big changes you won’t get as much credit for creativity. 🙂

    Here is the kicker, you can put image titles in with a php file and not have the plugin which is legal, but using the plugin is not. Yet, I can’t do the ‘time since’ because it requires a plugin. I know I am not going to win, but I do like to play so I am going to contribute because I want there to be options for new people to WP.

    Well I assume you’re requiring that to make it easier for you to keep up with the submissions, so instead of a direct function call why not have theme authors embed something like <!--style_switcher--> and then catch that on an output buffer and put in the switch stuff there. It’ll be totally transparent to those people who don’t use the style switcher plugin.

    I’ve changed the request to use Ian’s code, I need to modify the samples still though.

    Okay, some clarity is needed here. I thought the style switcher only switched the “style.css” from, say, style1.css to style2.css to style3.css. Does it actually switch “Themes” the way you have it working?

    I ask this because while the idea of not modifying the basic WordPress install, I assume, is part of the deal to maintain consistency across the board, people will thing “themes” and do whatever they want with the code, adding styles and subtracting code – or adding. I’d love to see something like Matt had a while ago which had people just altering the style.css and nothing else, or at least that it what I understood.

    So can you clarify this for us? Are contestants designing “themes” or “styles”?

    i was under the impression that they design themes, because that’s the only way to utilize the full 1.5 themes ability. I also thought that the theme switcher actually switched between themes, and not just stye sheets. So basically, someone submitting a theme would include a folder most likely with index, sidebar, header, footer, page and so on.

    But… is a stylesheet that calls on the template files for Kubrick or Classic technically a ‘theme’? It can’t function independently; but it can have a theme name, a theme header, its own directory and be activated through the themes panel.

    It’s unlikely that such ‘parasite themes’ would have a shot at winning, of course, but are they eligible to enter in the first place? Or would the developer have to cut-and-paste the template files into his/her own theme?

    the themeswitcher as far as I am aware actually switches the theme – remember, the idea with themes is to have a completely different appearence, from reserved to whacky designs which uses more than just CSS – otherwise you may as well use the style switcher which onlyc hanges the style sheets. The themeswitcher would call the files from that particular theme (if I understand this correctly) while maintaining all the content as is.

    FOr example simply switching the style sheet from Classic to Kubrick would not give you the Kubrick look, it’d probably look messed up, so it would need to load up all the unique files for that theme to display it correctly while maintaing the content. It’s much more than just switching a style sheet.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 60 total)
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