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  1. just wondering
    Posted 7 years ago #

    In reference to the title this is basically what happens

    1. I download 2.6
    2. I put it in a folder called blogstuff
    3. I make a new folder called fishing
    4. I copy the 2.6 contents of blogstuff and paste them in fishing
    5. I make the changes needed and load the file to my server
    6. I type in …...../fishing/wp-admin/install.php and press enter
    7. WP says I have a new blog, name it and get a password
    8. I type in admin use password press enter and I get

    http://.******.com/blogstuff/wp-admin/....http://******.com/fishing/ ....

    So it has the blogstuff folder address first then the fishing folder address right after blogstuff

    The thing that confuses me is that Blogstuff was "never" loaded on the server, I just copy from it. It acts like a bank for the virgin 2.6 files.

    I have deleted the folders on the servers, database files, browser histories, cookies, internet files, several times and started over and it still happens.

    Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated

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