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  • On WP 2.7. Using plug-in called wp-userlogin found at: by Jerry Stevens. When I go to Recover Password over in the SideBar, it takes me to a panel that prompts for “Username or Email” You fill this in and it promises to mail you a new password. If I fill it out with a username, it says an email will be sent. After about four hours since – no email. If I fill it out with an email address, it claims that “There is no user registered with that email address”. Checking the user record in the Admin, it’s there and carefully spelled correctly both in the username and email address fields. I can also call up the standard WP username and password panel and get the same non-result.

    Has anyone faced this dilemma before and what did you do to fix it?

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  • The recover password link takes you to the default password recovery page for WordPress. The plugin doesn’t handle password recovery at all, aside from that link. I’m not sure what the problem could be, but it isn’t with WPUL. If you got directed to the page for password recovery, then the plugin is working fine.

    Have you tried upgrading to 2.7.1 yet? This may be a WP bug, but I’m not entirely sure.

    Good news! Back up one step. Am using SABRE plugin to test for valid reg and wp-login to place the registered username/password in the sidebar. As I test SABRE, I’m getting Banned IP Address (which I thought was a different problem). Turns out the two issues are somehow related. has my IP blocked on its PBL or Policybased Block List because they list the whole broadband range I have to use (static IP). So, I first cleared that mystery up. And now SABRE works in my testing – AND – tahdah – the password recovery email facility is now working too!

    Life is good!

    Thanks to Jerry for responding to me on this. Nice to have the author engaging in user feedback.


    I aim to please.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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