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    I did not see an answer for this anywhere and if this has been answered be fore I apologize now for the repeat question.

    I use the wp-user-cotrol panel to make a new user on the registraion tab, but it does not create a user or send out the emial, which I am assuming is because the user wasn’t created.

    I know the email is working because the test email cam through.

    Can someone point me in a direction to look to resolve this problem?

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    Thanks for your post. At present we do not have any known bugs or issues with new user registration via WP User Control. A few questions.

    1. Have you enabled new user registration enabled within WP General Settings?
    2. What message is returned within the WP User Control widget when you enter a username and email address and click the ‘Register’ button? If WP User Control is returning the message “Check your email for the password and then return to log in.” then the registration process is succeeding. If WP User Control is returning an error message during registration, it will be highlighted in red.
    3. When you check the list of users via the WP Admin dashboard are the new user accounts actually being created by WP User Control?
    4. Assuming the users are being created, have you tested logging in to the site with the newly created account? If you’re not receiving the new user registration email with their password then you’ll need to reset the user account password so you know it for test login purposes. If the users are being created and you have verified that you can successfully login to their account then the problem must be email related.
    5. Is the new user email being received at the target email address? Can you successfully send test emails from your server? If everything else is working and the email from WP User Control is not being received, then there is a problem with your server email set up. In that case we recommend using WP_Mail_SMTP or WP-Email to resolve any issues with your server email configuration.

    Let us know if any of this resolves your issue.

    Thank you for your response

    1. I have enabled User Registration
    2. No message is returned
    3. No new user was created via the registration

    4. n/a yet
    5. n/a

    Also the built in registration from /wp-login.php is not creating new accounts either 🙁

    I have a database user with full rights.

    Is there something I am missing?

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    Is this a WPMS or WP standard installation? It is very strange that no message is returned to the WP User Control widget registration tab when you click Register.

    If the standard WP process cannot create a new user account then there is definitely something up with your WP setup. If you want, send us a link to your site at and we’ll take a look.

    Plugin Author wmsedgar



    Based on your follow up email I’m marking this issue as resolved. Let us know if you have any further issues.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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