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    I am using latest wp 3.5.1 with this plugin v1.1.7.
    Is it possible to edit/upload-new profile image by a user within frontend itself if he is logged-in. Or he always need to go in admin backend in user edit profile section?

    I am using wp-members plugin plugin to profile edit, login, register, etc. within the site frontend itself, without letting users to go inside admin). It uses the wordpress basic hooks and all default wordpress function like update_user_meta, get_userinfo, etc. work fine with no issue.

    So, I want that my users will get another field for editing their profile image within frotnend itself, on edit profile page.

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  • I’ll have to research this idea more, but I’ll keep it in my notes as a feature request.

    Okay, keep it as feature request, but try to implement it soon. It is doable and shouldn’t be much complex. Both wordpress and wp-member has a nice api to just create an extra field for user with custom filter etc. you have just to add your image upload field as a additional to it. And it will easily get updated as user meta data.
    It will also be helpful for users to upload their pic during registration in frontend – a great feature, as it is a general need for many sites.

    If this done will be a great feature, since no other plugin is like this.
    Hope we will get it soon.

    Thanks for consideration.

    Hi Bangbay, have u get sometime to look on this?
    I have discussed this thing with the wp-members plugin author too, and he given me some hints and help links for this.
    Check here:
    May be this help you for a start. I am also looking over it and trying to implement at my place but not possible without help of both of you.

    The concern example is like, say I want to have a wordpress site for
    a) students/teachers profiles data for an school; or
    b) employees/staff profile data in an office,
    etc. with their profile pictures.

    In this case it is very necessary to let them enable register or edit their profile in frontend with their local pictures, rather than depending on global gravatars. Currently with yours plugin, they can edit their profiles only when they get access to wp-admin side, which is not required.

    Further, just for side information, I checked your plugin with bbpress forum plugin with wordpress. On the bbpress edit-user profile page the wp-user-avatar field is showing, seems good; but not working as on frontend may be it not getting all related javascript. May be you can also try to make this plugin work in frontend with bbpress compatibility in frontend forum user profile edit forms.


    Hi Shashank,

    This feature is actually quite complex. It’s something I can look into as my schedule permits, but I can’t give you a specific timeline or promise that it’s something that I’ll implement.

    Hi Shashank,

    Thank you for pointing out the bbPress issue. I’ve included a fix in version 1.2.2.

    Its great, if it helped to get and fix the issue with bbpress plugin… 🙂 Will need 1.2.2 soon. But what u have done to fix, means will user-avatar upload will work in frontend edit-profile in bbpress or it will not be visible on the page? Hope u have not disabled and it will work.

    Further, its okay that u may not have enough time for the feature I requested. Forget wp-member then, and suggesting u another way to accompany the same effect more easily.

    Can u give a custom url for the users logged-in in wordpress which they can access from frontend which only display the user-avatar field only, to upload image? (similar as if u have fixed it working on bbpress frontend edit-profile page).
    The url can be like or for example. (without wp-admin) If this url can be accessed from frontend (of course after logged-in) and can make display and work only ur avatar upload field, then it will be great.
    Because then I will be able to just add a link in wp-member frontend edit-profile page which will redirect to ur link and users will be able to set their local avatar in frontend.

    In this way, the updation of all other profile data will be handled by wp-member, but for profile-picture it will be handled by user-avatar on separate page.
    These two will be separate and no clashing or integration need between plugins.

    Hope u get this idea, and find easy to implement, without need to go inside wp-member plugin. Because if you can create a frontend link for user-avatar upload that will work without going inside admin for current logged-in user, all problem solved… 🙂

    If this implemented, it will be more plugin independent and work with wordpress (with or without wp-member). And will be a great feature for all other users.

    Let me know what you think and ask if u not getting the idea.


    I am using this plug-in with bbpress. However, I don’t see anywhere for a user to upload their avatar in their profile.

    Thank you for any help!

    RIght now, only users that are Authors, Editors or Administrators can upload an avatar through their profile. Does the user you’re checking have one of these roles?

    Thanks for the info Bangbay!

    I have added the option to allow Contributors and Subscribers the ability to upload their own avatars in version 1.4. Check it out when you have the chance.

    @bangbay Siboliban,
    Thank you very much for the update about the user avatar for all the Admin roles.

    Can you assure us that it can, somehow enable us to let them upload the user avatar from the front-end too?

    Thanks in advance.

    +1 front-end uploading feature using shortcode.


    Efficient plugin !

    However, I allow my users to manage their profile in their frontend account and the buttons don’t work.

    May you help me ?

    If you want to test, here is my site :


    @cdrom, could you start a new thread? I’d be glad to help.

    +1 here for the front-end include.

    @bangbay Siboliban The avatar plugin is the best by the way!

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