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  • WordPress doesn’t create the second index.php. You have to either copy/move your index.php from /z to root path of your domain. The Wiki seems to be having some troubles at the moment or I would point you to some documentation regarding that. Give that a shot though.

    I figured that much, but the add one more actions to the whole thing. If I moved it, I will not longer able to edit the file through the admin interface. If I copy it, after I edit the file through the admin I have to go and copy the darm thing. Also, how the rest of the templates are handled? It got to be a better way…

    Of course, I could have all the files on /, then there is no longer a problem. I am just too tidy.

    Moving it really is the best option. Once you’ve done that, you can open up wp-admin/templates.php and edit this line to point to the new path. (line#153 for me):

  • <?php _e('Main Index') ?>

  • The whole point of having this functionality is so that you can run WordPress from a subdirectory and have that index.php file out in the root of your site without the mess. So, it’s not just you that’s tidy.

Sure, that will work, temporarely. What would it happens when delta becomes epsylon? I would have to start making notes of things…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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