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WP URI & Blog URI?

  • On my weblog, I have a splash page (site.com/index.php) and an page for my weblog (site.com/main.php). I can’t seem to get these two things in the right category for the Wordperss URI and blog URI in my options. Which one goes where?

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  • I’m thinking you’d want the site.com/index.php to be your Blog URI and site.com/main.php to be your WordPress URI.
    Personally, I think spalsh pages, especially for personal websites have gone the way of Frames in web page design. It usually not necessary to have visitors click on a logo to get to your site, there is no real added benefit here.

    Wouldn’t WordPress URI and Blog URI be the same?

    Yes, if they are all in the same place, no if you have the wp files in somewhere like /wordpress and your blog appears at root.

    What if I wanted to keep my wordpress stuff in the site.com/wordpress directory but wanted to publish my blog to site.com? I changed it so the wordpress URI is the /wordpress directory and the blog address is the site.com and I am not having any luck. How do I publish my blog to a different directory?

    When entering the URI for my blog in what I recall was the Options menu, WordPress doesn’t want to save my link with the mandatory ‘/’ at the end (i.e. “http://…/blog/” is saved as “http://…/blog”)—without which, doesn’t load my webpage properly. (I’m running my blog from a Mac Apache server) As a workaround, I tried entering “http://…/blog/index.php” but this just busted all the formatting for the blog, and it also broke my access to the Option menu in administration mode so I can’t change it back. I’m at a loss. 🙁 Can you help?

    btk, do not double post, please; it is considered rude around here 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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