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  • Hi all, I was updating my WP today to the latest version, believe it was updating to 3.3.1 from 3.2.1 or something very similar. Anyway, I’ve updated it before and although it took a while it never took 2 hours nearly so guessed it had hung.

    I refreshed and unfortunately my site is now left in a bit of a funny state 🙁 The site content still shows for me here at work, but whenever I try to navigate to wp-admin it errors with HTTP 500 ?

    Whats worse is I have spent all day updating the theme and as soon as I hit update because I was trying to get the custom menu’s working and it said to make sure you were running above 3.0, which I was but thought a latest update wont hurt, I realised I had forgotten to run a backup first 🙁

    Really hoping someone can tell me what I need to recover this ?

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  • Thanks for the link Gary, but Im still a little confused on what I need to do exactly ?

    Do I follow the the trouble shooting link or the section about updating manually ? Either way both instances talk about backing up your files first and disabling plugins, neither I can do as I have no access to the site ?

    I installed a plug in that would show a ‘site under maintenance’ page whilst I was working on it ?

    If you could please clarify exactly what steps I should be following before I start removing any files, thanks 🙂

    A) Always backup all site files and your database just before any changes are made. This is critical as you need to be able to restore your site should an unexpected error occur.

    B) Since you have made changes and errors have occurred, ask your webhost to restore your files and database to just before you upgraded.

    Why do you not have access to your site? Discuss with your webhost how to access your files and database, but if you are not familiar with this, hire someone.

    Sorry I meant I dont have access to WP, I have access to host server. That link always talks about disabling plugins but how am i supposed to do that if I dont have access ?

    Cant afford to hire someone unfortunately 🙁

    Thanks for the extra link, I wasnt aware you could disable your plugins through phpmyadmin 🙂

    I’ve asked my host to restore from the day before, just means I lost a days upgrade, but would rather do it all again then start messing with tables and files and destroy it further lol

    Right, just checked my site and its sort of back, although the hosting site hasnt informed me yet ?

    Now Im just not sure what state it is in, as I can seem to log into the admin panel but it errors whenever I try to navigate somewhere ? I cant turn off the undermaintenance plugin either ?

    Does anyone know how I can get full fuctionality of the site back ? But at least Im not seeing something and am able to connect ?

    Thanks for you all your input peeps 🙂

    Site address is:

    Now obviously you will only see the under maintanence screen, but on my works PC I see the site, but cant navigate anywhere whilst logged into the admin panel, as soon as I do, it white screens ?

    Right, Im trying to disable all of the plugins, and when you say change the ‘option_value’ field, I cant, its a drop down menu, it says longtext next to it ?

    Is this the corrrect area ?

    The only other I can see to do is in the big text area below where it says:


    Is to remove all of the text in between the two brackets leaving it as: a:10:{}

    Is this right to disable plugins ?

    Ok, I guess that was correct lol, active plugins are disabled 🙂

    So I can see my site and log into the administrative panel, but I can navigate anywhere, eg, dash board or pages/posts/appearance or updates, basically anywhere other then the front end and it errors ‘HTTP 500’ ?

    So whats the best way about restoring this side of WP please ?

    Have you done a manual upgrade yet? Some of the WordPress files might be corrupted from the hung upgrade.

    Just download a new copy of the files and upload them.

    Right, I have downloaded the latest WP update, uploaded and replaced wp-admin and wp-includes, like it stated. I replaced all loose files in the root directory and all loose files in wp-content. I also removed the .maintenance file.

    When I tried to log onto the admin panel (wp-admin) I got a message saying WP needed to update my database, so I clicked continue, but then got the following message:

    No update required

    Your wordpress databade is already up to date

    Then a continue button, when I click continue it directs me back to my front end. So if then navigate back to wp-admin I get the WP logon screen.

    THIS CAN BE MARKED RESOLVED !!! Thanks WP – awesome 😀

    I have same problem.
    but i can resolve this problem just like Suprash‘s Say.
    but, after that i can’t update or upgrade plugin and wp automaticly. because, i don’t know every time i update or install plugin, the unzip/extrak screen not showed and then i must go to plugin page and activated manually (also when install themes).

    my site is
    please help me!
    i want to fix this.
    but not to lost my database or data plugin.



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    i’m sorry for that. Now, i was post my own topic.

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