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  • This is crazy!

    WP kept putting
    ‘s and <p>’s where I didn’t ask for them and was giving me major formatting headaches. Eventually I found WP Unformatted which worked great for a while but now I have the opposite problem – WP Unformatted is stripping <p>’s from where I’ve put them manually!.
    How can I just write code and have it left alone?!

    FYI: Here where it says ‘Execution’:


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  • Hi

    wp-unformatted requires turning it on, on each post. just turn it off on posts where it’s not behaving as you want

    huh? It is switched on. That’s how it’s stripping my <p>’s.

    There are places where I want <p>’s and places where I don’t. If I leave it off I get too many if I switch it on I don’t get any.

    Bump. One more try for an answer.

    I guess it serves me right for trying to make WP act like a cms.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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