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  • WP-UI was for me one of the best plugins available to deal with moderate to large documents. It has two major features. Tabs and Spoilers. The Tabs option allows you to take content on a single post and break it down by major subject areas. You can see this exact same option being used by the Wall Street Journal for example.

    But then there is also an accordion or spoiler option where content could be folded into a heading, so that content could be folded into a single line, that could then open or close, based on a single click. This makes it possible to show off the document in a bullet point format that can then be quickly opened to look at the content or not.

    The use of Short-code to drop the tabs and spoilers in was easy to use. there was a minor problem with support for expanded commands, but overall the plugin is the best of its type around for wordpress.

    Sadly, in its latest version 8.5 the programmer damaged the spoiler option. Which has left old users like me with a large number of now damaged documents. In my case, all the spoilers are open on load, rather than closed. The line that says open shows the exact opposite – saying click to open, when in fact they are open, and should be saying click to close.

    This has destroyed relations with a number of people who were negotiating to have complex documents posted for important events.

    So – until the programmer fixes one of its important tools, please note that this plugin is badly damaged and no longer works with one of its two major functions.

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