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  • I have been using WP-TwitterSearch, by James Fleeting, for some time. However, regardless of where, in my wordpress blog post, I place the shortcode the content(the twitter search results) always displays at the top of the post.

    Another user of this plugin asked about this issue 7 months ago I sent an email to the author of the plugin regarding this issue about 1 month ago, but the author did not respond.

    So, apparently, the author of this plugin, for whatever reason(s), is unable to resolve this issue. It is a free plugin, though, and, I do understand that the author is, presumptively, under no obligation. I have made this post in the hopes that someone can tell me how to resolve this issue.

    Incidentally, I also use the WP List Tweets plugin, by Marty Thornley, and, apparently, he resolved an issue similar to the issue I am facing with WP-TwitterSearch.


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  • Incidentally, I have assumed that James Fleeting, the author of the WP-Twittersearch plugin, is aware of this issue.

    The wp-twittersearch/readme.txt file states the following:

    “= I have another question! =

    Good, you can either email me at james.fleeting[at]***.com or post in the wordpress forums. I’m ALWAYS browsing around.”


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