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  • Greetings, I have just noticed something in which was working correctly in a previous edition, not sure if its WordPress 6 or the latest update of the menu program. To narrow down the problem I have installed a clean edition of WordPress 6 and I have only installed the admin menu editor version 1.10.2 plugin, nothing else, I do not change any options in menu plugin settings, I then set up another user login which has Editor rights, when I login on that user all menu options under the WordPress Tools menu don’t show.

    Previously I had used the menu program so that all options where hidden when someone other than Admin was logged in except for a menu item in the Tools menu. Now, just having the menu plugin installed and changing nothing only the Admin person can see the menu items under the Tools menu, all other rights level see nothing.

    Many thanks for any advice you can share.

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    I just thought an obvious thing I didn’t try after posting my question, that is disabling the menu plugin, the same problem happened. So my conclusion is that in a WP version before version 6 I was able to set up a login so a user other than the Admin person could see the menus under the Tools menu, but cant now. So I would kindly ask do you know how the Tools menu can be exposed to a user other than admin person? Many thanks.

    Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    The different menu items in the “Tools” menu have different capability requirements. Could you be more specific about which item(s) you’re trying to make visible?

    Here are the required capabilities for some of the menus:

    • “Tools” menu itself: edit_posts
    • “Tools -> Available Tools”: also edit_posts
    • “Tools -> Import”: import
    • “Tools -> Export”: export
    • “Tools -> Site Health”: view_site_health_checks, which seems to correspond to a combination of install_plugins and delete_users. In Multisite, only Super Admins can see this.
    • “Tools -> Export Personal Data”: export_others_personal_data, which corresponds to manage_options or manage_network.
    • “Tools -> Erase Personal Data”: same as “Export Personal Data” above.

    Usually, a user will need to have the required capability or capabilities to have access to a menu item.

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    Many thanks for your quick reply, Ultimately I am wanting to control a plugin called Real-time Find and replace at

    After it is installed it adds a menu to the Tools menu in which I am after to use the menu plugin so it will hide all other menus except this menu for a user to access, any user except the Admin user.

    In the menu plugin it shows on the Target page field Tools->Real-time Find and Replace with the url field of tools.php?page=real-time-find-and-replace and the Required capability field has activate_plugins

    Reading more on the internet it seems the issue manage_options for a specific role in which the Tools menu will only be exposed for the Admin login. Where I seek the tools menu exposed for users under Admin level.

    Many thanks for any advice you have, in Australia its now 12:15am, going off to bed, will check in the morning for any response, thankyou again.

    Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    Ah, I see. Since you mentioned a clean WordPress install with only Admin Menu Editor and nothing else, I initially assumed that your question was about one of the core “Tools” menu items, not about a menu item added by a different plugin.

    I took a quick look at the plugin you mentioned and it looks like it does require the activate_plugins capability. If you want other users to see the “Real-Time Find and Replace” menu item, you will need to enable the activate_plugins capability for those users or their roles. You can do that with any role editing plugin (the free version of Admin Menu Editor doesn’t have this feature).

    However, please keep in mind that, as the name of the capability implies, it might also give the users permission to activate plugins.

    I don’t think manage_options is particularly relevant in this case unless you also want to give users access to some other menu items.

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    Sincerely thankyou, this has solved my problem. By setting for example the Editor role to be able to use activate_plugins I can now reveal the Real-Time Find and Replace menu for Editor. I then use the menu program to hide all other menus including the plugin area so they cant change anything and it all works wonderfully. Thankyou for your rime and advice.

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