wp to wpmu, why manually update config file? (3 posts)

  1. msolution
    Posted 5 years ago #

    geeky question ahead ->
    when we install wordpress, ... its a one click install,

    but when we want to upgrade wp to wpmu, we add a line to config file,
    then we choose options, then we write again "MANUALLY" to htaccess, and wp-config.php

    am i missing something here, why not just use $wp_rewrite??


  2. Because it requires server setup as well.

    If you look back in the pre-release of 3.0, it actually *was* easier. But the decision was made to add a hurdle so users didn't set it up without looking at their server or knowing a thing about it, then flooding the forums saying "help! it's broke! fix it!"

    Kinda like how there's no UI built in for custom post types. same logic. It;s there, but you darn well have to know how to use it to.. use it.

  3. msolution
    Posted 5 years ago #


    so ... wild carded DSN & htaccess? anything else? (makin a custom plugin so a need to know thing here,

    would it be right to assume if we ping something.domain.com and get a 200 ok header, or rather something.domain.com/?wildcard=1, and pick it up on 'init',.... if it works, we have wild carded DSN working good, otherwise go the manual way.

    also,... any tips on how to roll back wpmu to wp (1. deleting all other blogs/ 2. keeping all other blogs)

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