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  • Any way to have WP automatically post to
    All the forum posts I could see deal with the other direction, which is importing posts from –> to WP, I want to know if theres a way to do WP –> , AND ideally done automatically when I post entry in WP.
    If there are any forum posts relating to this please post the link!

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “If there are any forum posts relating to this please post the link”
    You have searched I assume ?

    Ummm….. I don’t think you are going to find this anywhere. Here or otherwise. Both WP and Blogger are blog systems. I’d have to question your sanity to want functionality like this. It would definatly requite 1) Knowledge of the Blogger API to post to it and 2) A plugin that uses said API to post to Blogger. But why would you want to? And what happens if you edit a post? WP isn’t going to know how to modify it to send to Blogger to update it there too. At least not without some fancy footwork.
    The Blogger -> WP import is for those (who like me) previously used Blogger and are moving to WP (usualy perminantly).

    Yes, sorry for the vague note there,
    I did a google search and forum search, it seemed all were about the usual problem of importing into, migrating to, or moving WP between servers.
    As of right now,
    A search on “” gives 2 pages, all of which relate to bugs, issues with –> WP
    Searching for “WP Export” gives more pages, 4 pages, but nothing that relates to WP –> blogger.
    The closest that has been done is WP –> MT, for instance
    Can someone please convert/fix this? June 17, 2004
    Worse comes to worse I’ll fully read blogger documentation on the site and figure out if theres a way to write a php script that can be hacked into WP code so that every time I post on WP (and Im connected to the internet) a mirror post will also appear on a specified page. But I was hoping someone else had done it already… 🙂

    Hi Techgnome,!
    the above post was posted before yours, but yes you do see what I’d be up against if I wanted to do WP –>
    Its not a 100% WP–> post. For a normal subscriber you don’t get for instance ability to have blog titles, nor categories (last time I checked) so there are obvious limits. What I had in mind was,
    WP field: title plus WP field post –> merged together — > field for the post
    WP field: date/time –> blog field for date/time
    Thats it. No other WP fields get posted over on All the really standard WP features such as commenting, etc stay on WP and are not reflected in the generated post.
    Issues: How to synchronize, automatically ensure edits on WP –> updated as well on
    We’ll get to that someday, right now let’s focus on WP –>, one-way, and anything else I can live with manual edits.

    @tg: There’s a hack to do this for LiveJournal. Are you questioning the sanity of that?

    My blog was down for a week when my ISP melted after a hacker attack. Had I found a hack like that, I would have a mirror. Which is sane

    Ask the guy who did the LJ hack if he’s interested in adapting it for blogger?

    and that would be mark ghosh. 🙂 Laughing Lizard. Seems to be busy nowadays.
    My suggestion use w.Bloggar.

    w.bloggar doesn’t crosspost.

    also… when did Mark Ghosh change his name to Jason? Probably when people started questioning his sanity. lol.

    I wote a little PHP script for posting to blogger using their XML-RPC API if that is any use? It doesn’t do the editing, though I think there is a way to edit posts using the API. Not sure if, when you create a new post, the blogger API returns the new post ID. If you saved this to the WP database you could presumably have it update blogger when you modify the WP post.
    I know nothing of hacking WP though (I can’t install it until it supports PostgreSQL 🙁

    Just wanted to weigh in on this thread to see if anyone ever found a solution. I run my WordPress site, and I also run my iPod blog on blogger / blogspot and I’d like to be able to set up WordPress to automatically crosspost any posts to my iPod category via the blogger.api to my iPod blog. Any ideas?

    So all you want is post duplication? I wouldn’t try to a code a solution at all. The simplest path would use a third-party API-based blogging tool to compose your posts, and then use that tool to upload the post twice, once to Blogger and and once to WordPress.

    If you can’t find a tool that’ll let you crosspost like that, both blog systems have e-mail capability. Write the post in your e-mail client and then send it to both places.

    I’d love a plugin just like Ryan Lee’s ( ) croissanga. When you post to your WP it posts to your xanga account…does editing and everything too!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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