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  • Odd as it seems, and stranger yet, it only happened to one of our sites, after upgrading to WP3.4, the title of one of our sites changed from “sitename” to “sitename 12345”.
    I discovered it in the ‘view-source page’ using Chrome 19.0.1084.56 m, and it appears in the site tab in that browser. When I open the WP dashboard and go to Settings/General/Site Name it shows correctly (without the added spaces and the ‘12345’.
    Obviously, I need to find out where this change came from, why it is there, how it is affecting my search engine rankings and a host of other issues.
    Also, I am under the impression that the php call: ?php wp_title(”), pulls its info from the Settings page. Am I incorrect on this? Remember those setting look fine but the title in the page source is different.
    Could really use some help on this.

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  • With a little more work I think I have discovered that the issue is a theme issue. (Bavatosan MagazineBasic). We are trying that theme on two sites and those are the only ones with issues. I have posted to their support area; however, here is what we have discovered if anyone else has any input that may solve the issue.

    If we open WordPress and open Settings/General/Site title, it shows correctly as “SiteName”; as it does when we open Appearance/Themes/MagazineBasic/Customize/Site Title & Tagline/Site Title. If we change the site name in the Site Title line there, the new name shows up in the browser tag, but the new name is still followed by two spaces and the digits 12345.
    This is definitely a theme issue conflict with WordPress.

    New Information: Though the problem appears in the two sites with the same theme, it now appears it is NOT the theme, at least in it’s entirety. Turning off the WordPress SEO package has the effect of eliminating the numerals, but in place of the two spaces and the numerals, there is now a space and vertical bar character.

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