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  • This is my first WP theme, called Zine. It turns the front page of your blog into more of a magazine/newspaper front page than a blog, a bit like News Time.

    Basically, the front page is a 3-column layout, with no sidebar. The middle column shows posts you choose to place in a “featured� category, and the left and right columns show the rest of the posts. Viewing individual posts and archives works pretty much like any other blog, with a left -hand sidebar.

    Anyway, here’s the relevant post on my blog, which has a download link, or you can view it in action here.

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  • I like it. It’s very clean and the colors are appealing.

    Very nice indeed. I agree that it looks very clean.

    I’m wondering how it would be if sticky posts went on the left, new posts in the middle and then the right is the sidebar…hmmmmm…

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    Wow, I love this theme! Very aesthetic! I’ve added it to the Codex list because I wanted it to be there ASAP, I hope you don’t mind. ^_-

    No, of course I don’t mind. Thanks for the good feedback!

    nmallory, that is interesting. Are you talking about the sticky posts plugin?

    Adhesive is what I currently use on The Naked Truth. It’s hard to see the new stuff that isn’t “sticky” though on my current site.

    Plus, I’m guessing the site looks a bit girly…kind of want to be taken seriously beyond the purple and pink. 😉

    This is a pretty impressive theme. I may end up switching my blog over to it.

    Well, thank you very much. Please give me a bell if you do.

    Fishcakes, I like that theme. I love that it is liquid/fluid layout, and works well on a skinny window or a wide screen. With 3 columns appearing to be set to a % each, even on a wide screen the line-length is not too long (for my eye).

    If I use this theme, I would try to incorporate some navigation in the header, or, some of the typical sidebar content (like Categories) in the top left-column. For example, a ‘zine using the Zine theme might want a link to their Photo Gallery, or Online Store, Contact, or About, near the top and above-the-fold, along with all that visible article content. (I noticed you provide space for sidebar-like links, at the bottom, under the content, a good place for the bulk of the links. Yet I need space for important links nearer the top.)

    Another neat (but crowded?) variation would be Zine theme as a 4 column, with 1 left sidebar; and the sidebar would not be variable/fluid width, only the 3 content columns would.

    I think the 4 column thing would be too crowded.

    I was thinking about this today. I do think I’m going to make the most right column be a typical sidebar and therefore, slightly narrower.

    The left-most column will be posts marked with sticky flag.

    The middle column will be everything else.

    Now I just have to figure out how to handle the archives, single posts, and pages look.

    Now if I could find a more me kind of header. 🙂

    I like your theme. I think I can use it for a multi-user blog. I´m agree that the colors are too “girlie”. I´m going to change them a little bit if you don´t mine. Thanks and great work

    I meant *my* site is too girly.

    I´m getting this on a new WP blog installation… I have no plugins(just the defaults), no other themes…can you help?

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.alecia/alanfl/ on line 124

    Yes, hipocratico, unfortunately you will get this error until there are 3 “featured” posts – I recommend you make 3 “dummy” empty posts to the category before beginning. This is one bug to be fixed in the next release.

    As to Dgold’s suggestion of links at the top, at the top of my list for the next release is tabbed links in the header, a bit like *rdc theme or K2.

    I agree the default colours are a bit bland (maybe even girly if you want to assign wavelengths of light genders) but my intention was always for people to modify away. Nmallory, your ideas sound very interesting, I’d like to see that when it’s finished. And any questions, feel free to contact me here or at my blog.

    FISHCAKES: Everything´s working great. By the way I changed the “content” template tag to: <?php the_excerpt(); ?> in each column. I think this can create a nice “magazzine look”. Just my 2 cents….thanks again for a very nice theme.

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