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  • Hot on the heals of the initial release of my Grayplicity WordPress theme, I’m presenting you with v1.1. I wanted to get this one out quickly to address a couple small issues, and improve the usability of the theme. 1.2 will be a little further out probably, as I’d like to do some more AJAX work with it, which will take more time to build in (commenting, integrated ThickBox, search, etc).

    Grayplicity v1.1 details and a download link can be found on the Grayplicity project page ( Some of the changes for this version include:

    * Added styling for WordPress default calendar and search widgets
    * Added search.php results template for is_search()
    * Added 404.php template for is_404()
    * Improvements to post styles
    * Improved author comment style
    * Corrected nested blockquotes
    * Corrected font size issue with nested lists
    * Removed default post image margins
    * Dropcap First Letter plugin built in.
    * Replaced transparent PNG background images with gifs for improved IE (Internet Explorer) 6 appearance

    If you are using 1.0, I recommend upgrading to this version. You shouldn’t notice any breakage, and will find several things have been improved. If you have questions related to this release, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me (though comments can benefit everyone and are encouraged). Also, I will try to answer questions regarding the theme as they come in. If something looks out of whack, or you want to know why something won’t display properly, I will attempt to help. Some tweaks were made for 1.1 based on these kinds of questions.

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