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  • Hi I have a page in wordpress for a radio and I want to add a player for streaming, the problem is that when I add the player in any section of the page when switching pages (another menu, contact, etc.) the player reloads streaming cut.

    Then thought that I could do this by adding an upper frame where the player can insert the blog so when pages change does not affect the player.

    I was looking frames and plugins for WP ajax content but did not find anything, also on google but found nothing specific to WP

    I hope someone has any idea how to do


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  • The problem with frames in a situation like this is that you need it to work differently to what you’re expecting it to. A frame doesn’t add a part to a pge and keep it there while the rest reloads. A frame is a seperate page that’s loaded alongside of the main page and doesn’t intereact with it. To use a frame for what you want to do you’d need to have a strip on one side or top/bottom of the site that’s just the radio and have your site loading inside the remaining frame. It’s probably one of the worst things for usability and is realyl frowned upon by almost all designers these days.

    As a suggestion, i’d create the streaming radio page as a seperate page, and open it as a new window. I’d suggest using a JavaScript function to do this so that you can control how big the window starts at to keep it small enough. The advantage of this is that it doesn’t matter where the user goes to, around your site or off your site, they’ll still have the radio playing. it also doesn’t leave you trying to add frames around your sites content so saves a whole lot of complexity.

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