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  • Hi Guys
    I was a wee bit bored last night and added a few designs to my Website – basically in an inspired by the CSSZenGarden type of way I modified the template file slightly adding a few div’s and spans and then wrote a few CSS files to modify the theme
    They are hosted at McChris’s Blog follow the link on the right to the template index page
    Feel free to nick the CSS and do with it what you wan’t – you’ll be less inclined to nick the graphics as they header graphics are meant for my site – but if you want i can dig out the PSD’s for you.
    There are only 4 CSS files at the moment and in a completely uninspired way they are all two column themes (although they could be easily modified)
    All the Best
    P.S Please forgive the absolutely apallingly slow server – we’ll be moving shortly but in the mean time its the only thing I can work with 🙁

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  • Great job, Chris…I for one appreciate the fruits of your boredom. 🙂

    Cheers mate, glad to hear it meets with your approval

    Hi Guys n’ Gals
    I’ve added a few more templates to the site for your delectation (? is that spelt right?) . I have also included a couple for those people who have been saying they liked the old B2 theme for the main page (god knows why 😉 ) .
    My personal favorites at the mo are Gentle and Starfield
    A wee note – these do not change the admin pages they only change the main page.

    And naturally you’re too cowardly to use an actual name under which you launch your wholly unnecessary, nasty little attacks. What have *you* contributed? If you don’t like his site or his designs, don’t visit. In the meantime, quit polluting the www with puerile nonsense.

    I have to say I missed that completely….probably for the best eh?

    I tried a couple of these … the menu went to the bottom when I tried them so it I didn’t have something right. What was I missing? For one, the download file said not available.

    The template was recently changed. The p class=”credit” tag was moved to the bottom where it should have been all along. Some skins may need to be changed to reflect this.

    In Netscape the templates at McChris have the menu way above the posts which appear. His main template looks good all the way around, but the alternates don’t appear to be working correctly.

    Hi Guys
    Sorry i’ve not replied sooner i’ve been away for a couple of days.
    So far i’ve only tested them in Mozilla firebird (0.6 and 0.61), and ie6 (sadly i don’t have any other browsers on my computer) if anyone finds any problems then please drop me a line with a screenshot (if possible) and what browser your using.
    The CSS files do not work directly with the Template file provided with WP0.71 but instead uses a template file with a couple of spans and div’s added (theres a link on the main page) (it also includes the p credit at the bottom (0.71 standard) – does this move in the 0.72 betas?)
    I’ll download netscape today and have a wee look at it tonight – to be honest that sounds like a problem with a float or something but i’ll have a look. Slightly off topic but i thought Mozilla and Netscape used the same rendering engine (Gecko) ? and therefore should display the same?
    As for the missing file you’ve spotted my deliberate mistake in not uploading the css … doh!! I’ll sort that out.

    Checked them last night in Netscape 7.1 and they worked fine – checked it in Netscape 4.08 and they degrade nicely – I’m not quite sure what problems MadHatts been seeing (are you using a mac mate? ) .
    Could someone tell me what they look like in IE5 (win) or on a Mac please
    Anyway the missing file was merely a stray capital in the file name … grrr so it was there all along it just needed a quick rename…
    Cheers guys

    The credit P always appeared at the bottom of the page in the browser, but was in the middle of the page codewise. It was in between the main content and the sidebar. This was fixed for .72 Gold.

    Checked them in a few other browsers last night courtesy of a mate –
    Win 98 IE 5 – there was a problem with some of them where the image replacement technique used resulted in the header graphics disappearing – this has now been fixed
    Opera 6.01 – works as desired
    Linux RH8.0 Standard installation
    Konquerer – works as expected
    Mozilla 1.01 & Galeon – gives the problem that madhatt spotted – i haven’t a clue why …
    Lynx – degrades well (first time i’ve used Lynx since 1995 what a flashback ….)
    As for 0.72Gold – i hadn’t realised it had been formaly released i’ll download it and have a wee play – is it worth upgrading from 0.71 guys?? or is it a bug fix edition?

    Just noticed the thread – thanks for the note about the two css files – Stalin I’ll look into as for Starfield I think when I’ve moved servers I may have uploaded an older version of Starfields CSS – I’ll look into it.
    Thanks again

    Also just realised that the bit at the start of the template (calling blog functions) on the site is the old 0.72 version – changing to the newer 1.02 version will make the templates work in newer versions of wordpress – Although I’ve updated other WP websites I run to 1.02 I still haven’t updated my blog.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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