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  • Suddenly, without me doing anything, no installation, upgrade or any change at all, I have no availability to my blog, I just get the message:

    “It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php”.

    When I take a check by phpMyAdmin, my tables in the WP database is gone. (It’s only a few left which I connect to some WP Plugins I have had).

    What could have caused this?

    My webhost, at first approach, doesn’t think they’ve done something and was mentioning security holes in installed scripts?

    More Background:

    At the August 21 they moved my account (among others) from one server to another to ease the burdon for the other server.

    When they had done that I got a similar message but that I needed to upgrade to the latest version. (Had 2.0.4 on the old server and here it was 2.0.2) So I clicked for the upgrade and everything went well. It was upgraded to 2.0.4.

    Then I noticed that they had put an old backup from the 10th of August there, which they corrected. Still, the missed files (mostly images) I had put up there between the 10th and the 21th. No problem, I put them back myself.

    Since then everything has been working except from the sitemap plugin, which did work on the other server with the same version.

    I have NOT done any changes other from maybe some small changes in the sidebar.php.

    Suddenly tonight, I have no WP database. When I take a look in the Controlpanel (normally the installs/upgrades are done from here) it says that I have WP version 2.0.2, how can that be when it was upgraded the 21th to 2.0.4?

    What would you do in this situation?

    I still have some contact with the webhost. If they/I put back a backup of the database (don’t know yet if there are any fresh ones done…), is that gonna help or must I run this install script?

    Or do you have any other suggestions to make?

    I’m very tired, it’s 02:30 in the morning here, so I may go to bed and hopefully when I wake up again, you (or they) have come with some nice help for me…

    (Born optimist 😉

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    While I was wroting this earlier post it become obvious that my blog is hijacked. (still is)

    How to stop a hijacker in best way?

    Both now directly and to prevent such happening?

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