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    Hi, Tobias:

    I just changed to a different host that specializes in WordPress, namely WP-Engine. And they said that they would most likely ‘ban’ the WP Tables and TablePress plugins soon as, if I understood them correctly, “it writes to the database directly” – not sure if i am paraphrasing them correctly. But they have security concerns that is most likely going to prompt them to take that step.

    I have been very pleased with the plugin, and use it to drive a major portion of my site. I know that WP-Engine offers to first work with the plug-in developer to sort the issue, before they ban it.

    I have to make a decision of whether to go ahead with the plugin on the new host or not. Could you offer some guidance. First, is it correct that it writes directly, or accesses, the database correctly? Two, does their interpretation make sense, and if not, and (this maybe too much to ask), could you reach out to them to rectify their understanding (their website is And three, if none of these will work, can you think of an alternative plugin that has functionality similar to yours.



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    Hi Manish,

    thanks for your post.

    I can assure you that neither WP-Table Reloaded nor TablePress write to the database directly. Both plugins use the official API and functions that WordPress offers for storing plugin data. Namely, WP-Table Reloaded uses the Options API, while TablePress uses Custom Post Types for storing the table. Never is or was data written directly to the database, which everybody can easily check by taking a look at the plugins’ source code. Both plugins access the database only through the officially recommended and endorsed ways.

    Due to that, I’m really surprised, that WPEngine has raised such concerns with you and even threatened to ban the plugins. As of today, they have not contacted me about any issues with the plugins.

    As you seem to be corresponding with them, could you maybe forward the information about threat to ban the plugins to me? Maybe this sheds some more light on the situation. You can find my email address in the main plugin files of both WP-Table Reloaded and TablePress. I will then gladly work with WPEngine to clear any issues they might have with WP-Table Reloaded or TablePress.

    Again, I can assure you that both WP-Table Reloaded and TablePress don’t access the database directly, and only use safe and proven methods to access the data.

    Thank you,

    Hi Tobias:

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    I just talked with WP-Engine, and will be sending them the link to this “support discussion” here, and they indicated they will be in touch with you.

    The threat on the ban to the plugin was verbal, during the discussion of the company i had hired to help me with the migration, so I don’t have any e-mail link I could send you on that. Their website is and I believe you should be able to even initiate the communication with them via, and opening an account to correspond.

    By the way, I had difficulty with raising the PHP memory limit, but I still managed to export the files by upgrading to TablePress at my old host account. Thanks for solving that issue in TablePress by offering the ability to export just a selection and not the entire database in that plugin.

    If I hear anything more from them, I will keep you updated. Else, if you can, please let me know the results of your correspondence with them.



    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    yes, thanks for sending the link to them. It would be the best if they contact me by email, at best the person that you were talking to.

    I will then keep you informed via this thread.

    Oh, and good to hear that the export feature is useful for you 🙂

    Best wishes,

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