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    If you go to my blog here: you’ll notice that the sort arrows in the table are overlapping some text in the columns. Is there any way I can correct that? I find it bizarre that some columns are fine while others are not.

    Also, where is the raw data stored in MySQL for the tables? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my database.

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  • In regards to my second question: I had deleted some tables (i.e table IDs 21-29) but new tables I create have IDs that continue from those I deleted (ex: new table has ID 30). I want to delete the stored table ID values 21-29 so that my new tables continue properly (ex: new table has ID 21).

    In order to do so, I need to know where this plug-in stores the table ID values. Any pointers?


    thanks for your questions!

    The arrow are overlapping due to the small column widths of the columns where it happens. You will need to insert longer contents into the cells of those columns (in at least one data row, not just the header row).
    Or you could manually set a column width for each of those columns with the CSS example on Column Widths from the FAQ (

    Regarding your second question:
    The table are stored as so-called options in the table “wp_options”, with a name like “wp_table_reloaded_data_N”.
    They are serialized strings and under no circumstances should you edit the data in there directly, as you will corrupt the table (all its data and options)!

    Resetting the ID counter is not easy at the moment, as there is no specific function for that in the plugin.

    It is possible with PHP though, so if you are willing to do that, let me know and I can develop the necessary code.


    Thanks for answering! I suppose that I’ll simply live with the gap in IDs as it will avoid any problems.

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