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  • I am using WP Table Reloaded 1.4.1 on two sites. One table has 65 rows and and 6 columns and works perfectly. The other has 1000 rows and 4 columns, and after importing its contents from CSV, I am unable to edit it further. Any attempt to change the table name or description or the row contents results in an error as soon as I click “Update Changes”:

    Safari can’t open the page “” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, and then try again.

    I would like to take that error at face value, but the fact that it happens at any time of day, especially when the other, smaller table updates perfectly, suggests the incident is more isolated. The only difference I can see is the size of the tables. Is there an inbuilt limit in either the plugin or on my server settings? If so, how can I change it? Or if that’s not the issue, any idea what is?

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  • Hi,

    thanks for your question.

    From within my plugin, there is no limitation on the size or the total number of tables.

    I know of a few people who are using such big tables as you are trying to do, so it is possible.

    There might be several reasons, all server related, that you could check:
    – PHP memory limit
    – PHP script execution time
    – PHP extension “suhosin” limits POST array

    Unfortunately those are kind of hard to change if you are not the server administrator, so you might ask your server support people.

    For the time being, I recommend maybe slitting the tables up into 2 or even more. Then you can show them underneath eachother (with the headline option enabled for all but the first one), so that they will look as if they are one big table.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for the quick response! I was able to confirm two of these settings:

    memory_limit 90M
    max_execution_time 30

    I don’t know if that’s enough or not.

    Splitting one large table into two smaller ones would work for presentation purposes. It would defeat the sorting functionality, though, so it’s not ideal. But in lieu of an alternative, it may be the solution I pursue.




    from what I know, those values should be high enough. So I don’t know what else might be causing the timeout, sorry 🙁

    For the splitting up: Right, the sorting wouldn’t work anymore. But I don’t really recommend using it on such a large table, because – as it is all JavaScript powered – it might slow down the user’s browser (but I’m not totally sure on that).

    Have you tested the whole process with a different browser? Or from another computer with a different internet connection?

    Best wishes!

    I tried it with Safari and Firefox at two different sites (same computer though) and had the same problem. Firefox didn’t even give an error message — just a blank screen.

    I also tried editing the table by accessing the database directly… oops! I definitely don’t recommend that. 🙂

    I can get the table presented the way I want it by making sure the original CSV file requires no changes after importing, and then using the options you allow the shortcode to include. If I ever want to change the table, I’ll probably have to delete and re-import it — but I expect that to be no more than a yearly occurrence.

    Thanks again for the help!


    yeah, modifying the tables in the database is almost impossible (this is because the are stored as serialized arrays by PHP).

    Sorry that I don’t have better news for you, but nice to hear that the plugin is useful anyways.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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