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  • Hello,

    There appears to be an error in the wp-table-reloaded javascript that is being used to create the sortable columns. In firefox my page loads fine and I can sort the columns and search my wp-table-reloaded page. But in IE7, the sort buttons never display, and the search box is dead.

    FYI: It is broken on the demo site as well.

    Plugin WP-Table Reloaded (English)

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  • I think this issue is a caching issue. I just checked the demo site and it is working again. Is the demo site using wp-supercache by any chance?

    Once I disabled caching on my site, the table loads properly. Seems like there are a couple issues with wp-table-reloaded playing nicely with caching.


    you really seem to be experiencing weird issues…

    I don’t really see a possibility how WP-Table Reloaded could have issues with caching. All it does is print something on the page (the table HTML), adds a few CSS/JS commands and offers some static JS files to download. So nothing really that is dynamic and can not be cached. (Are static JS files actually cached by WP-Supercache?)

    For the issue on my site: Indeed it could have been a problem with caching today, as I updated the JS files on my CDN from which the static files are served (so, although I’m also using the latest version of WP-Table Reloaded, it still used the old version of the DataTables JavaScript, because I had not updated the CDN). I have however now updated it, so that everything on my site should be the latest version.
    And no, I do not use any caching plugin.
    I don’t get any errors in Firefox nor IE 8. However, I get an error in the TableTools.js with IE 8 and Compatibility Mode on (I don’t have an IE 7 to test, but it should be the same error). That particular issue is probably caused by the minify that I did with that JS file (I’ll have to check again with the unmodified version).
    But that issue only affects the TableTools extension. There is never a problem with the sorting or searching however.

    So, while it is really odd, unfortunately I don’t know what might be causing it. 🙁 It could be a bug in the DataTables library, or maybe a conflict with another JS script.

    Can you provide the URL of the page with the table?

    Best wishes,

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