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  • Hi, Can anyone shed some light on best way to import existing spreadsheet into wordpress with this plugin.

    Have tried saving spreadsheet from excel as csv, html and xml but all lose their formating when usiing the plugin to import the table?

    Any guidance much appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    thanks for your question!

    The plugin will only import the data (numbers, strings, etc.) from your table.
    It will NOT import formatting (because that actually doesn’t get exported in CSV for example.)
    (To me, “formatting” means fonts, font-sizes, colors, and so on. If you mean something else with “formatting”, please clarify.)

    You will have to re-apply the formatting (or styling) with CSS after importing.

    Hope this helps,

    I think I’ve got a similar question. When I try to import a CSV file on Excel I end up with


    in most of the fields.

    Any thoughts?


    this is most likely related to a different character encoding used in your table’s CSV file. Have you stored it in UTF-8 encoding?

    Additionally it is possible that certain characters cause trouble (i.e. false quotation marks).

    If you can find any reason, please email the CSV file to me and I’ll have a look at it. My address is in the “Imprint” on my website or in the main php file of the plugin.


    Hi there

    Firstly great plugin, I’m a bit new to all this wordpress world but it looks fantastic.

    I’ve got the problem where I’ve made me a table, put the shortcode in a page, previewed the post and its all gravy

    now I’ve published the post, if I navigate to it by URL of the post ( everything is fine however when i try to get to it by following the relevant category structure it loses all of its well table things (

    This might be a silly question and I appologise if it is but I cant figure out whats going on



    Hi Gary,

    this is very likely caused by your theme.

    The theme does not show posts/pages in their entirety on category overview pages. (Within the theme folder, this probably is in one of the files category.php or archive.php.)
    The code to look for is “the_content()”. Most probably there is some
    function applied around it that strips the HTML from the text. (This is
    actually a valid procedure for some projects, where the category overview page is, well, just an overview, but in your case it is hurting.)

    So, you have several possibilities, I guess: Fix the issue in the theme, or change to a different theme. 🙂

    To really confirm, I suggest changing your page to the WordPress Default Theme and see if the problem happens there on those URLs.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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