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    Hi All,
    I'm pretty inexperienced with any sort of code buy am trying to add tabbed content to my page.

    Adding one group of tabs isn't a problem, but I can't figure out how to do separate groups - these are the instructions given....

    If anyone could advise me which part to use to separate each group and where to add it, that would be really helpful!

    Sorry, I'm a bit retarded!


    Basic Usage
    To insert a single tab set into your post, you need only provide a minimum of two shortcodes: one wp-tabbity shortcode to specify the content of the tab and one wp-tabbitygroup shortcode to specify where the tabs will appear. It is important to note that all the tabs for a given group must appear before the group itself. Here, with curly braces instead brackets is the most basic usage of WP-Tabbity:

    view sourceprint?01 <!-- First, set up your tabs -->

    02 {wp-tabbity}

    03 Content for Tab One appears here

    04 {/wp-tabbity}

    05 {wp-tabbity}

    06 Tab Two content goes here

    07 {/wp-tabbity}


    09 <!-- Now we need to tell WP-Tabbity where to put all this content -->

    10 {wp-tabbitygroup}

    Note that in the above example, since no title was specified for either tab, WP-Tabbity takes the first ten characters of the content as the title and CSS ID of the tab. If we want to use more than one tab group in a given page or post we must specify the groupid in both the wp-tabbity and the wp-tabbitygroup shortcodes as specified below.

    WP-Tabbity Options
    view sourceprint?1 {wp-tabbity id="foo" title="Foo" class="bar none" order="0" groupid="first"}

    id => Not required. Specifies both the CSS ID of the content, and the anchor link to be applied to a given tab. Default: none.
    title => Not required. Specifies the title to appear within the tab. Default: first ten characters of content.
    class => Not required. Specifies the CSS class or classes to be applied to the tab. Note that this is in addition to, not overriding, the classes applied to it via jQuery. Default: “wp-tabbity”
    order => Not required. Specifies the order in which this tab will appear in the list of tabs. Default: order of appearance.
    groupid => Required if more than one! Specifies what wp-tabbitygroup shortcode will get this tab. Unless you require more than one tab group, this is not required. Default: “aTabbityGroup”
    WP-Tabbitygroup Options
    view sourceprint?1 {wp-tabbitygroup groupid="first" groupcls="foo" grouptitle="First"}

    groupid => Required if more than one! Identifies the group as one out of two or more. Not required unless there’s more than one group. Must correspond to the groupid specified in the wp-tabbity options. Default: “aTabbityGroup”
    groupcls => Not required. Specifies the CSS class or classes you wish to apply to this group in addition to, not overriding, the classes applied to it via jQuery. Default: “wp-tabbity-group”
    grouptitle => Not required. Specifies the title you wish to appear above the group, in <h2 class=”wp-tabbity-title”> tags. Default: none.

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