[resolved] WP-Syntax - WP-Facebox Conflict (2 posts)

  1. eight7teen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've been running WP-Faceobx for a while now, and it's worked great. However, I recently downloaded and activated WP-Snytax and now the facebox plugin won't work.

    I deactivated WP-Syntax and the facebox plugin works just fine, so i'm sure that there's a conflict somewhere. Also, I tried downloading several different syntax highlighting plugins to see if possibly it was just that plugin that the facebox plugin had a problem with... Well, every single syntax highlighting plugin I activated would break the facebox plugin!

  2. eight7teen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    nevermind I figured it out myself. I'm no good with jquery, so I have no idea exactly WHAT i did to fix it... But I can post HOW I fixed it in case anyone else has the same issue...

    you'll need to open /wp-content/plugins/wp-facebox/wp-facebox.php

    now scroll down to line: 96

    change this:
    'autofilter' => 1,

    to this:
    'autofilter' => 0,

    that fixed it for me~

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