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  • IMO what you end up with after install is the very basic root or foundation platform. I am not complaining here, i am thankful to have that as it saved me tons of time, but this is a review so i am being honest here.

    I had to fiddle with just about everything to get it to work the way i wanted. Including template as well as format of quiz itself.

    You will have to find a template that has an adjustable width. You need to use h2 as well as strong and sometimes blockquote in the text area blocks in settings to get it to display correctly and large enough you can see the text.

    The red star for required is way out of place on display. The Multiple vrs Single question type really does not matter because the multiple option does not work correctly. So the only reason to choose multiple is if you want them to click multiple answers but no matter what you choose it still only counts one answer as the correct one, which is wrong on multiple setting.

    Also the count percent does not match the question calculation. Such as i know i have 100 points total, i counted them. And i know i have 23 questions total. But yet the score shows 104 points total and i think it has something to do with the multiple answer code.

    On the answer options do not click set as default if you ever plan on changing that. Once you click it your screwed if you want to turn that off and remove your radio button, you will need to delete the answer and redo it which will throw off your view order so you might as well just delete all the answers and do them all again.

    The textarea blocks also do not wrap properly, i had to put line breaks in there to get them to do so. Page width is a headache on this mod.

    I also had to go to the html option on the page it was on and really work on that part to get my intro text and quiz link to get along with each other.

    On the quiz view itself the response view is not the best, im just lucky they are atleast showing in some order on the page, but the diplay format could have been alot better.

    All in all it is something to work with that will save you some time from doing it from scratch. But it could have been done so much better as most of the issues are viewing issues.

    Bottom line – if you want a simple quiz tool that with some work will give you close to what you want then yes its nice. However if you are looking to do scientific and precise calculations or anything serious outside of for fun sake then IMO i would not even mess with it.

    I have installed many plugins for wordpress and this one rates low in score considering out of the box wysiwyg. It seems to want to defy you right from the start. So for that reason i give it a C- and hope the next version will be much improved.

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  • Can you help me please,
    I had some troble here…
    When I want to insert
    “Insert to New Page”
    i got notice error like this
    “Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Wpsqt_Form::getInsertableArray() must be an array, null given, called in C:\AppServ\www\word\wp-content\plugins\WP-Survey-And-Quiz-Tool-master\lib\Wpsqt\Page\Main\Edit.php on line 37 and defined in C:\AppServ\www\word\wp-content\plugins\WP-Survey-And-Quiz-Tool-master\lib\Wpsqt\Form.php on line 168”

    Can you solve it please?

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