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    I’ve struggled with this problem for a few months now, and it happens in both FF and IE.

    I realize the support forums are extensive and investing time digging through old questions is a great way to find answers. Great, I’m not posting questions that have already been asked, right? I’m trying to be responsible and use the knowledge already built up here.

    The problem I encounter lately is in the WP support forums, under any tag/category, it displays the first page, and at the bottom is all the next pages linked by number and a ‘next page’ link.

    Great, like always before, I want to dig deeper into the archives and so I’ll click any of the numbered pages or the ‘next page’ link. I can even see in my status bar that the links will take me to the respective next pages, such as:


    Instead of taking me to the correct URL, it ALWAYS takes me back to where I’m shown the huge link cloud.

    I’ve tried again and again going into the same tag/category, into different tag categories, tried manually entering the URL of other pages, all to no avail. I always get returned to the

    Again, this is a problem in both FF and IE, and encountered in 3 separate locations (home, work, and buddy’s computer).

    Am I doing something wrong or does this support forum have some code problem? Fixing this should reduce the number of new questions asked and help everyone here.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There is a problem, yes.
    This is what needs to happen:

    # Paging fixed for Tags / User history
    # Feeds fixed
    # Favourites fixed

    It is on the list and will be done soon (though I have no date). In the meantime, do ask if you can’t find what you need. Between us all we have a lot of information bookmarked and a knowledge of what has been posted before.

    Awesome (I was more frustrated that it was my problem and somehow I could not do basic naviagation anymore-whew!)

    So until those are fixed, hopefully the forum will be a little more tolerant of basic questions being posted.

    Thanks for the update, otherwise this is a great resource for a great software.

    Keep in mind that (unless it’s a really recent post) google’s your best resource for searching right now. Check the “forum search” sticky big pink thing for how tos. And if using Firefox, podz has a couple of specific wp search engines you can use (plugins):

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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