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    If you look at the gallery on the homepage it stops at the 3rd image. There are about 15 images in the folder but every time you refresh it just stops on image 3 (called c.jpg).

    If you look at the debug array though it says there are 15 images in there. When I look at the network in Chrome I can see it loads 4 or 5 images from the slideshow but not the rest.

    Been trying to debug this for quite a while now. Anyone got any ideas as to why this is?


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  • Could you fix this?
    I’m having the same problem..

    Nope, I gave up and decided to adapt a reliable slider. RoyalSlider.

    I added a containing <div> around the RoyalSlider then positioned it absolutely and then sent it to the back with a low z-index in the CSS.

    Hope that helps? <- thats where the finished gallery is should you want to reference it, only on the homepage, there are about 12-15 images.

    I could fix this:
    All my a’s had a css-transition. I removed it and now it works fine. 🙂
    Very strange though..

    not sure what bene’s “a’s had a css transistion” means

    I am trying this with gifs, and using in post gallery – finding that it gets stuck on the third image every time if the post has more than 3 images.

    @djsteveb: It was something like this

    a {
    transition: all .2 linear;

    Thank you bene!

    Perfect thanks.

    I have looked for the text:
    a {
    transition: all .2 linear;
    in the plugin files to edit – I thought the answer was to remove this line. But I can’t find it.
    The slideshow looks fantastic until everything hangs up on the third photo. So I really would like to use it. I just don’t understand the solution. Please help.

    It’s not in the plugin files. Look through your theme css-files.

    I’ve looked in the css.php file but can’t find anything like that. Are there other files it could be located in?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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