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  • Hi, can you verify whether this known issue has been fixed yet as of today (Sept. 17, 2016), which is explained by the error it creates (copied below). If this problem has not been fixed, can you verify that the Supercache code in the domain root .htaccess must be copied into the .htaccess of the WordPress install subdirectory?


    .htaccess file may need to be moved

    It appears you have WordPress installed in a sub directory as described here. Unfortunately, WordPress writes to the .htaccess in the install directory, not where your site is served from.
    When you update the rewrite rules in this plugin you will have to copy the file to where your site is hosted. This will be fixed in the future.

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  • I’ll just say outright that I attempted for the longest time to set up a site that was under /blog but I wanted it served as just /.

    I nearly had it working, but ultimately the best thing I ever did was get the All in One WP Migration plugin, change all “/blog/” strings to “/” when using the export function, and then following the extremely easy instructions on this video (

    More or less, you create an entirely new database on the front end of your site. And then import your file from your “/whatever/” to just “/” backup that you made using the plugin. Set up permalinks, login using your /whatever/ login info and viola. You have it all on the front end and need not worry anymore about trying to get caching plugins to work with your site while trying to push /whatever/ to the root to be served there without actually moving it there.

    TLDR: move your WP to the front end because it’s just an incredible hassle otherwise. Doing so seems risky and arduous, but All in One WP Migration plugin makes it extremely easy if you just export your database from the plugin while changing all your /whatever/ strings to just /

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