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  • The latest issue that I have run into (that I can’t solve on our own) is this whole thing about plug-in(s) for mobile phones (mobile themes).

    I first tried a plug-in titled “WP Mobile” but it’s ugly with a capital “U”. So I un-installed, deleted it and loaded a different plug-in (WP Mobile Detector) and really like it.

    From my own research I’ve learned that a plug-in like Super Cache can have issues with mobile theme plug-ins. (I am running WP Super Cache) Here’s what’s happening to my site. Once and a while, when you access my site from a regular PC (when it happens, it doesn’t matter what browser you’re using) the site returns the mobile theme. The real kicker here is that when it does this, it returns the OLD WP Mobile theme that I’ve deleted. (Clearly it left some junk behind)

    Super Cache has an option box for support for mobile themes, which I’ve checked. It also has a box specifically for the OLD plug-in WP Mobile, and I’ve tried checking that too. But it still sometimes (once a day or so) returns the ugly mobile theme to a regular desktop. Do you know how to clear this up? What would you do?

    And how, pray tell, do I get rid of every last drop of the old plug-in.

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