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    I did a clean WP install (3.4.1), installed WP Super Cache (1.1) and Bulletproof Security (.47.2). Caching works normally. I then installed and activated Better WP Security (3.4.2). Caching stops. Looking at WP Super Cache list of caches files shows a cached page for a brief second then no cached pages. When I deactivate Better WP Security caching resumes. Clearly there’s incompatibility between WP Super Cache and Better WP Security.

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  • yeah me too. i’m not sure but after i install Better WP Security and setup, my website is offline. i dont understand! i can’t login admin page!

    Try using an FTP client and go to your site, navigate to wp-contents/plugins and delete the Better WP Security directory. Hopefully that will allow you access.

    I see there are similar reports on the WP Super Cache support forum. I posted a cross link there to this forum:

    Thanks for the reports. I will fix the super cache issue in the next version.

    Just installed update 3.4.3 and caching works normally. Thanks for the fast fix.

    I guess I spoke too soon. Caching sorta’ works, for a while, then cached filed are removed from the caching list. I’ve deactivated BWPS and now back to normal.

    Well, I tweaked WP Super Cache setting and updated, again, Mod_Rewrite Rules and now it seems the two plugins are playing nicely together. Sorry for the misinformation earlier!

    I’m using PHP and it’s still not working. πŸ™

    Im having similar problems & not sure it is related – I have disabled BWPS, however caching still does not work πŸ™

    I found out that clearing the logs in BWPS dumps the supercache files. So that is one thing that is affecting things.

    Thanks @ryan. I will fix that. I must say however I don’t know what you mean by “I’m using PHP and it’s still not working.”

    @phirefly that should be a different issue. The problem others are experiencing is because BWPS will clear the caches on a number of situations. In the case of Super Cache I was far too aggressive in the clearing.

    Why would BWPS be clearing cached files? Surely that is outside the scope of protecting a site. Because my site is primarily “look up” and not interactive I have cache timeout to one day. I couldn’t figure why cache would empty after one day so I deactivated BWPS and that stopped the problem. I don’t think BWPS should be overriding cache user settings.


    …There are a few reasons. For one, if cached and a plugin conflict is present the site owner may not notice it as quickly if the page is cached after an options save which can cause further headache later. In addition, with database and opcode caching features such as lockouts and awaymode restrictions can actually be cached making even their manual removal difficult to detect until the cache clears. Therefor, on an options save the plugin will clear all caches and for certain other situations opcode and query caching is cleared.

    I have the following option checked in WP Super Cache:
    Don’t cache pages for known users. (Recommended)
    Therefore, I will see the option changes right away. So, it’s not really necessary for Better WP Security to clear the cache when changing an option. Can you add an option to control the cache clearing?

    Let me see if I can detect that state @joneiseman. That should make it easier.

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