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    I’ve seen Super Cache recommended in so many places,but it should come with a warning!

    I am so used to other plugins with straightforward installs and uninstalls, it never occurred to me uninstalling a plugin would be so hard – especially as I hadn’t even completed the installation.

    I thought I’d followed the uninstall instructions but my site broke. Then I tried the “if all else fails and your site is broken” instructions. My site is still broken.

    If I’d known the plugin required modification of .htaccess etc,and that the uninstall wouldn’t be straightforward, I wouldn’t have used it. I know I’m not technically proficient so I would have steered clear. 🙁

    Now i have no clue how to get my site back up and running. The only page that works is the home page.

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  • i think you should first read readme, then see that it is hard, then try it on localhost.

    i agree with you, indeed would be good if there is clear/big warning somewhere at top of readme, that it is hard to install and to uninstall.

    OMG! I am so pissed that this plugin has totally $%^&!! my site!! I TOTALLY agree that it should have come with a warning label.

    I have been working on a site which I just created yesterday here, and reading about the effects of this plugin for the spike on Laughing Squid, I had to have it as a PHP coder with a huge emphasis on efficiency. The install was quite a bit more technical than other plugins but a moderate understanding of Apache and PHP is more than enough to use this plugin and while it did take about 20 minutes where other plugins take a minute, I can profess that it did decrease processing times to less than half.

    Yes, unfortunately it requires more technical knowledge than most plugins but if you don’t want to worry about technical issues you should be hosted at Sounds harsh but you have to be responsible for your site.



    Donncha, I’m quite happy to be responsible for my site. I’m just saying that if any plugin needs more than a simple install/uninstall, it should come with a warning that it requires more technical knowledge than most plugins.

    I’ve been running my site for over two years and this is the first time I’ve come across a plugin that requires technical knowledge to uninstall. That’s the beauty of WordPress – that it enables people who are not internet gurus to manage their own website. So I’m sure I’m far from the only webmaster to be tripped up by this kind of situation.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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