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  • 1. CDN Cloud Front on multisite: I am using Wp Super cache, I have enabled CDN on root site and 3 sub-sites. I created only one bucket for root site and created a distribution. Bucket name is
    After creating distribution i updated WP Super cache CDN fields with this S3 bucket name on root site and also on 3 sub-sites.
    I checked page source and almost all css/js files are being served by this url

    Is it the correct setup for multisite?

    2. Minify/Combine: I am unable to use any plugin for with WP Super Cahce to minify and combine JS/CSS , rather those plugins are increasing my page load time. I have tried Wp-minify, better wp minify, and cdn sync tool also.
    They all break the plugins/theme functionality on my website specially JS/AJAX feature, like apply online form will remain open without clicking apply online

    Please suggest what will be best option to successfuly deploy minifying and combining css/js on multisite?

    3. Page headers: I have setup wp wuper cache page expires to 3600 and garbage every 1200seconds. That seems to work fine,
    I believe that this page expires setting is different than page header expires, but i am not sure if it is sae to use those .htaccess settings while i am also using WP Super Cache. When i check on yslow it gives me F on “Add expires headers”
    [It says There are 53 static components without a far-future expiration date.]

    Should i use .htaccess expires setting to achieve higher grade for the above?

    Please provide your expert opinion.

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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