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  • I’d would like to ask of those familiar with using WP Super Cache.

    Our organization is using WP for mainly serving data to our clients. We do not maintain an interactive Blog, we just serve data, so no one other than our admin actually logs into the site.

    We need to use WP Super Cache to avoid overloading the shared hosting service we use.

    This is our situation. We update our data at midnight local time, and need to have this data available to our clients at 1 minute after midnight local time. If we us WP Super Cache how soon will the cache update so our clients have this data at 1 minute after midnight (or very shortly thereafter). Remember they are just viewing our site like any casual surfer, and not actually logging in, so their log in process will not update any cached pages.

    I hope I’ve explained my situation well as a neophyte user of WP and my limited knowledge of caching.

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  • gary4345 – you could manually delete the cached files through the admin interface after you updated your blog, just to make sure that every single page of your site was “fresh”. Your clients would see the new content immediately then.

    If you didn’t delete the cache only the cached files for the post being edited and the front page would be cleared.

    Thank You Donncha for the quick and informative reply, you’ve been a big help. You answered my question exactly.

    In our situation as long as the front page is cleared and refreshed, we will be okay, as that page is the page that will contain the updated information needed by our clients.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    p.s. Glanced at some of your photography on your site…Some very pretty pictures.

    Thanks Again, Happy New Year


    shoud i delete an old directory ‘plugins/wp-cache’? thx

    veryshows – yes, if you’ve installed wp super cache!

    thank you donncha!WP Super Cache now works nice!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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