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  • I have a client that’s using the WP Super Cache plugin for his WordPress 2.7 blog. He’s on a shared host, and has been running his blog for a while, but recently installed the plugin to speed up performance.

    He’s happy with the performance of the site, save for one small hitch: it won’t load in Internet Explorer (!). The site works fine in Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. but anyone that pulls up the site in IE gets a “cannot load page” error.

    We’ve gone through the steps of disabling all other plugins, and the site loads fine if WP Super Cache is turned off.

    I’ve checked his .htaccess file (it’s fine), the error logs (none), and made sure compression was turned off (it is).

    Any idea what’s gone wrong? Is there anything in the plugin that IE could be choking on?

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  • Have you tried switching to half-on mode and clearing the cache?

    Yes to both; neither fixes the problem.

    We’ve also tried a complete uninstall and re-install of the plugin, with no luck.

    The client’s wordpress install isn’t in the domain’s root directory; instead, it’s down in {root}/wordpress. Would this make a difference to the plugin’s performance?

    It shouldn’t make any difference. When you test with IE, check the access_logs. Do you see the request?
    When in half-on mode try adding error_log() or mail() calls to wp-cache-phase1.php just so you know the code is being run. Use Google to find out how those commands work..


    Thanks for your quick responses.

    I checked the access_logs, and I can see the request coming in from IE.

    I also added debug calls to wp-cache-phase1 as you suggested, and the code appears to be running.

    A few curious things:
    1) The blog renders just fine in IE6 with caching on. IE7, however, gives the “cannot display this page” error.
    2) In IE7, it seems like the browser is trying to load the page. I can sometimes see half of a page if I try to load the blog a few times in a row, then hit Back. But it only loads partway, then gives the same “Cannot display page” error.

    Any idea what differences in IE6 and IE7 let one work with caching on and the other not?


    Does anyone have some suggestions as to why the site might be failing under IE7 when super cache is turned on?

    I got the same problem as well….does anyone know why?

    I just tested my own blogs in ie7 and they work fine. I don’t know why it doesn’t work on your blogs.

    mindbat, where can I find the .taccess file? Please advise.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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