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  • Hi,

    I’m currently using WP-Super-Cahce and its not caching. I’ve got it on ‘Full On’ and compresion is enabled and it comes up with:

    * 0 cached pages
    * 0 expired pages


    * 0 cached pages
    * 0 expired pages.

    I’ll supply anyone who helps me with any deatiles they require such as FTP and/or wp-admin panel username and password if they wish.

    Any Ideas?

    PS. I’m on a shared Sever on

    Rejected URI’s:

    Accepted Files:

    Expiry Time
    Expire time: 3600 seconds
    Super Cache Expire time: 21600 seconds

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  • Make sure your theme ends with proper html closing tags. That’s what I’d check first!

    similar problem here, wp super cache tells me its got pages cached, but still even if trying from another browser, not logged in, I can’t see anything in the sourcecode showing me its a cached page.

    would anyone mind checking that:
    and just let me know here if it showes you a cached page.

    I have read the readme to its full extent and there is nothign wrong on the configuration side.

    Hi Again,

    I’ve just got conformation that my website does in fact have proper closing tags.

    Also I’m South African too!

    I’m having the same problem gang – WP 2.5.1 on PHP5+ – everything is activated, the .htaccess has the generated code from super cache – but nothing is ever cached – is the domain

    Same problem here – nothing cached. I have the html closing tag in my footer.

    Fixed it for myself, here are the steps:

    1. Disable the super cache plugin
    2. delete the advanced-cache.php in wp-content
    3. Re-enable the super cache plugin
    4. Go the management page and turn it on

    This regenerates the advanced-cache.php file (which is really just a symbolic link).

    Chances are you probably had wp-cache installed before super cache at some point and the advanced-cache.php was symbolically pointing to the wrong directory

    Thanks abelcreative – that did it! The plugin seems to be working now.

    are you sure celebritypaycut is being cached?

    all I find in its sourcecode is: <!– Dynamic Page Served (once) in 3.934 seconds –>

    no trace of super cache or am I mistaken?

    I had to remove it. It completely brought my site down – I’m using wp-cache. Not sure what happened, but I was getting super long load time and white pages everywhere – bummer!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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