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  • Hi,

    I am using WP Super Cache 1.2 on a WP 3.5 multisite subdomain configuration. We are in the process of testing/setting up our CDN.

    On the WP Super Cache Network Settings page it says, “You can define different CDN URLs for each site on a multsite network.”

    I tested adding a CDN URL to the network settings page anticipating that it would be defined across the network. However, it only affected the root url (home site).

    Is it possible to define a CDN URL for the network and then where needed, e.g. on sites with mapped domain, being able to define the CDN URL on the individual site or is this a situation where we must define the CDN URL per site?


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  • I want to know this too.

    This is what I have done to accomplished this.
    1. Locate and edit ossdl-cdn.php in this plugin folder
    2. Paste bellow code after line 25

    $option_name = 'ossdl_off_cdn_url' ;
    $cdn_url = '' ;
    $yoursite_url = '' ;
    $old_value = get_option('siteurl') ;
    $new_value = str_replace( $yoursite_url , $cdn_url , $old_value) ;
    if ( get_option( $option_name ) != $new_value )
        update_option( $option_name, $new_value );


    Just thought I would let you know that we tested using a similar modification and were able to define a cdn url across our network too. However, after monitoring the result we found that it didn’t work as expected. File uploads on the individual blogs did not work as expected. Consider the following example:

    Our cdn uses “customer orgin” to pull the original files from our server then caches them until their expiry date. Because the customer origin file structure is identical for all sites this works perfect until you get to the following: /wp-content/files/. Because in the multisite setup it uses .htaccess rules to define where to look for the uploaded files that depends on the sub-domain which is called using a CDN which is mapped to look at the root url for the customer orgin will only pull uploaded files from the root url and not from the sub-domains.

    So, we concluded that for a CDN to work properly on a sub-domain multisite you must map all sub-domains in the CDN to the individual sub-domains if it is using origin pull or you would have to exclude uploaded files.

    It would most likely work properly if you are using a sub-directory setup of multisite but I have not tested it.


    i believe more modification is needed for subdomain network. mine is subdirectory, posted modification is enough for me.

    i dont have similar subdomain install to help you do the modification and testing.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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