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  • I installed the are you a human plugin on my website. It deals neatly with spam comments and is fun to use. Visitors like it. Check it out. It was working nicely until I installed WP Super Cache to help speed up my page loads. I really like WP Super Cache, too. It noticeably decreased my page load time.

    Shortly after I activate WP Super Cache, I noticed that all the pages on my site except the home page weren’t working. The page would appear to begin loading, and then I would see a url in the URL box of the browser, indicating that it was attempting to load a game from are you a human. Weirdly enough, the issue only occurred in IE. Not in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Silk browsers.

    I was able to temporarily get rid of the issue by republishing all the affected pages. I’ve since learned that I can shortcut the process by switching from one custom menu to another and back again. But I need to do this every day or so, to keep all the pages working. Otherwise the issue crops up roughly every day and a half.

    I reached out to the folks at are you a human, who responded quickly and clearly to my request for help. They’ve indicated that WP Super Cache produces static HTML pages, and the PHP code that the are you a human plugin needs to run isn’t getting executed every page load like it needs to.

    This is where I’d love some help/advice, please:

    Are there settings I can use with WP Super Cache that would allow it to be compatible with are you a human? Currently I’m using PHP to serve the cached pages (recommended by the plugin author for newbies) and am compressing the pages.

    If not, what is a good reliable, easy-to-use caching plugin that will work in WP 3.4.2 and won’t produce static HTML pages?

    Other thoughts or suggestions I haven’t asked for also are welcome:) Thanks!

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