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  • I read in the caveats the following:

    PHP’s internal zlib compression must be disabled for the WP-Cache compression to work. Look in your php.ini for the zlib.output_compression and zlib.output_compression_level directives and comment them out by placing a “;” at the start of each line.

    My host, named OVH, is one of the biggest in Europe (2 to 3 times bigger than famous US companies, just to say it is not a cheap small one), and it is impossible to change the php.ini file or declare it in a htaccess file for websites hosted on mutualized servers. So it is impossible to deactivate zlib compression. WP-Cache is working great with this host.

    Before installing supercache and breaking everything, my question is: is there an easy way to circumvent this problem ?

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  • Sorry, that’s actually outdated advice and I’ll change it shortly Things move fast around here!

    You can install this plugin and it will work ok. The plugin detects if zlib compression is on and disables WP-Cache’s compression if so.

    Great ! Thank you so much for your very good work.

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