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    Oh, my!

    Am running wordpress multisite (sub directory) with the following plugins:

    All was good, and running smoothly, until we attempted to ’embed’ google maps on one of the pages, in a text widget.

    Well. By embedding the code in the widget (instead of shortcodes or using a plugin), the map came up, and there may even have been a happy dance going on. Went to clear out the cached pages using the super-cache admin (so everyone else could see our map); it ran for a minute or so, then at the top of the page we saw the contents of what looks like the config php for super-cache, then the following message:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /<pathname>/wp-content/wp-cache-config.php:8) in /<pathname>/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890.

    Hmm. ok. So, we attempt to access one of the sites, and get the above warning message. Then, attempted to get into wp-admin; same message. So, I went to the server, renamed the directory wp-super-cache to wp-super-cache-backup (in effect, deleting the plugin), and was able to get back into wp-admin. Went back to the widget, removed the google maps embedded code, saved the changes, and was then able to get to the site(s). Restored the wp-super-cache to it’s original name, went back to the site, and received the same message as above.

    So, obviously, one or more of my super-cache files is jacked. The only things I saw on the system with today’s date and time accessed were the cache directory, and the wp-cache-config.php. I can easily (I believe) just remove the directory, un-install the plugin, re-install the plugin, re-activate it, and move on with my life.

    However. Now when I go into wp-admin, and pull up the plugins page, all of the above are listed, but only 1 shows active (WordPress Importer).

    Wait, it gets better…what’s more strange, is, that wp-super-cache is still listed (even tho it doesn’t exist).

    AND, the other plugins? All still work. Even on pages where I have no physical cached file under the cache directory.

    In my database, in the wp_sitemeta, meta_key menu_items, I have the following value:


    and in my wp_options table, option_name active_plugins, I have:


    So, my plan of action: Restore the database (of course, I have a backup), remove all directories/files associated with wp-super-cache, re-install the plug-in, and find another way to display google maps.

    Would really like a heads up on what possibly went wrong, so I don’t do it again. And, a warm fuzzy that my plan of action above is the way to go.


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  • Ok, restored the database, un-installed wp super cache per the readme.txt instructions. Re-uploaded the plugin, re-installed, re-configured.

    Went to test, and got the following error:

    Test your cached website by clicking the test button below.

    Fetching to prime cache: OK

    Fetching first copy of
    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /private-set-1/wwwroot/apache2/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache.php on line 900


    There was an error fetching your front page. It happens sometimes, depending on how your server is configured. Jut manually test it by reloading your front page twice in a not logged in browser and examining the timestamp in the footer of the source code. That’s all the tester does.

    Your previous problems were caused by wp-content/wp-cache-config.php being corrupted, you probably could have just deleted that file. Supercache doesn’t do anything to the db.

    donncha, thank you. It appears to be working as it should, now.
    Was it the introduction of google maps that corrupted the wp-cache-config.php? As that was the only thing that changed on the site, I’m thinking so.


    I doubt it. There might be a subtle bug in Supercache that inserts a broken config line in the configuration file.

    Ok. Well, we’re happy, so this is marked as resolve. Thanks for your responses.

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