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  • I’m quickly deleting WP Super Cache from all sites built on the U-Design theme. Most sites freeze up and will not even render. Those that do render, nothing is correct. I had similar issues with 3.9.1, but not this bad. It’s a real shame, as this plugin is good when it works, but when it doesn’t, it’s TERRIBLE!

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  • Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


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    Can you send me a link to where I could get a copy of a theme built on U-Design? I’d like to test this out and see if I can duplicate the problem.


    The site that effectively “stopped” this afternoon was This is a site that’s basically Under Construction, but the Home page is LIVE – none of the other pages have been linked to the main navigation yet (waiting on client approval)

    Another site under construction is, but this site is not LIVE. I can work with you tomorrow if you like, reinstalling WP Super Cache temporarily if this will help – I’ll just want to let my client know we’re testing something.

    Two other sites I launched today both had to have WP Super Cache removed in order to work – and Both sites are LIVE, so I don’t have a lot of flexibility in messing with them too much. The owner of doesn’t check his site often, so this might also be an option.

    One more site – – is also under construction (waiting on client input and approval). I can also work with you on this one.

    Lastly, my own personal site ( will not work with WP Super Cache, but it’s NOT U-Design.

    There are more, but this should be enough.

    Just so you know, when it works, WP Super Cache is the best caching program I’ve tried. Far better and faster than any others I’ve played.

    All these websites are all on my Windows 2008 R2 cloud server at the Enterhost data center in Ft. Worth (please don’t tell me I should use Unix hosting, because WordPress is php. PHP runs just fine on Windows and I clearly prefer Windows servers over Unix).

    I’m more than happy to work with you to address these issues, as I really want WP Super Cache to be my “go to” caching application.


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    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Since one of the sites failing isn’t on this theme, but they are all on a Windows, I’m more curious about that.

    If we can test with, that would be great. I’d rather not ask you to test on a live, client site. Can you activate and enable the Debug feature (via the Settings->WP Super Cache->Debug), “play” with the front end of the site (enough to see some problems and errors), then send me a copy to the debug file.

    Regarding the Windows server, not going to try to make any pitch. More likely since Windows Servers aren’t used as much, there may be something going on there that was missed in testing.


    Brandon – not sure what’s going on, but I reinstalled WP Super Cache on and, including turning on debug. Both sites are working fine – not displaying any issues. I’ll leave debug on. If/when they “act up”, I’ll let you know – and will send you the debug file.

    Hi @mm9488 did you install version 1.4.2? If you did this version might have addressed this issue.

    Kind regards

    Yes, when I reinstalled WP Super Cache, I installed the most current version (1.4.2). It never occurred to me that this might be the reason. I’ll try it this weekend on a couple of the live sites and will post results NLT Monday.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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