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  • I’m wondering if there is any way that WP Super Cache (or similar plug-ins) can also work with a CDN? The concept would add two layers to the plug-in:

    1) After creating a static element, the plug-in would upload it to the CDN via FTP. (Using FTP makes it universal so it will work with any CDN.)

    2) The plug-in would handle URL rewrites accordingly to direct users to the content on the CDN.

    Is this feasible?

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  • Sure, that’d be relatively easy to do. Feel free to write a patch!

    Well, that’s the problem…I’m not a programmer. Do you know of any existing patches that might be easily modified to do this in conjunction with your plug-in? Otherwise I’ll try to hire someone to write such a patch.

    I think this would be very helpful to the WP community…your plug-in plus CDN.

    I’m wondering if this concept could be easily achieved with a combination of CDN origin pull and URL redirects…

    The cache folder would be mirrored to the CDN, and URL redirects would direct all requests for the static content to the CDN. Does that sound practical?

    If so, how/where would you recommend setting the redirects?



    I’ve just written such an plugin. Please see my blog post with a plugin for rewriting URLs for WordPress and CDN.

    You’re welcome.



    If you’re looking for good CDN support, check W3 totale cache plugin…
    It does wonders –

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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