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  • Sometimes for certain users/browsers WP Super Cache serves the wrong cached page for the home page. Instead of serving the home page it serves a cached version of the first category page. It’s hard to reproduce the problem but we’re seeing it more or less daily.

    Any suggestions?

    Below are the plugins we have installed:
    Akismet 2.2.3
    All in One SEO Pack
    Breadcrumb Navigation XT 1.8.0
    Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.15
    Robots Meta 3.0.11
    Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0WP B20070213
    SEO Friendly Images 2.3.1
    TinyMCE Advanced 3.2
    Viper’s Video Quicktags 6.1.15
    Wordpress Automatic Upgrade 1.2.2
    WP Super Cache 0.8.8


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  • Shakhawat


    Upgrade your WP Super cache to latest version 0.8.9 from

    Same problem. It’s serving different cached versions of the home page to different user agents/browsers. Anybody else seen this?

    I have the same problem.
    It caches the first category it finds (sorted by name) as the home page.

    I have
    and a few others installed

    Deleting the cache fixes the problem for an indeterminate period of time.

    Must be a pretty easy bug to fix? Just cache the right page!

    I have the SAME exact problem, i’ve been searching for a fix everywhere, without any luck =[

    If someone found a fix, PLEASE post it!

    You’ll have to help me debug it. Use error_log() to check the $cache_key created in wp-cache-phase1.php
    Check the cached file in your cache directory. Is the cached file in supercache/hostname.tld/index.html the right one?

    Thanks Donncha for offering to debug it. This issue is driving me mad. I’m at the point where I have to manually clear cache every 3 hours, otherwise the glitch happens. I tried a few older versions as well, and the older versions have the same issue. Tried 9.3 / 9.2

    Once this is fixed, You’ll be getting a small donation from me. Love your plugin, just this one little issue is nagging me.

    As now now, after clearing the cache, the correct index.html is indeed in the supercache folder, but it should switch over to the wrong one in a few hours.

    I just cleared the cache manually, so once the problem pops up again, which it will in a few hours, I’ll give you the info you need. But it’s 5AM now, so I’ll need some shut eye first :).

    Ok what happens is it has the correct index.html in the Cache area, but after the problem arises, the index.html becomes the index for the Category page rather than the homepage.

    Im not sure how to run the error log command, but I went into the wp-cache config and removed the comments from the debug reports, so it reads ‘$wp_cache_debug = “”;’
    Meaning, I should get debug emails, which should help you find the issue, right?

    If you’d like, I could grant you FTP access to my site, and you can see exactly what’s happening. I’d rather not waste your time, so I can tell you exactly when the problem is happening, so you can hop and see it for yourself right then and there. Let me know.


    donncha posted there and is offering to debug. I’ve been having the exact same problem to guys. Every 5-10 hours it would happen. Btw, what hosts are you guys on?

    Whoops wrong thread, meant to post it in another.

    Ugh this problem is still driving me insane. donncha is there a way for me to upload the CORRECT homepage onto the supercache MANUALLY, and make the supercache plugin NEVER rewrite that file? Just for the homepage. This would instantly fix the issue for me.

    I tried setting the expiration to something like 20 days, but the file still gets replaced with the wrong one.

    Is there a way to automatically COMPLETELY clear the cache every hour or so? This would also fix the problem. This is really hurting my rankings, as googlebot is seeing the wrong page as the homepage every now and then.

    I’m about ready to pay someone to fix this. If anyone wants to earn $50 via paypal, Contact me and if you can fix this issue its yours

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    Same problem here. Seems to affect Safari and Explorer but not FireFox. And Google has indexed the category page as the home page.

    Can you edit the .htaccess in the root of your installs and remove the supercache rules. Now let the plugin regenerate them again. Do you still see the problem?

    +1 , if someone could be find a solution. I have the same problem, but it seems random.

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