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  • I was adding some events to my events calendar plugin today when my website ( suddenly slowed down: admin section took forever, and the site itself would not come up at all.

    I started deactivating widgets, but nothing helped until I turned off WP Super Cache. Suddenly, everything seems to work. Does this make any sense?

    Background: I had a huge spike in traffic during October (Halloween) and added the WP Super Cache when my webhost threatened to suspend my account because it was overtaxing their servers. WP Super Cache solved the problem and worked fine while I was getting 6,000 to 10,000 page views a day. Yesterday, traffic dropped back down to normal levels, with no problems, and the admin continued to work for the first few hours this morning.

    Why would WP Super Cache suddenly make run so slow that I can barely use the admin, and the site would not appear to visitors?

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  • I’m not so sure WP Super Cache was the problem anymore. I have reactivated the plug-in, but it is “HALF ON Super Cache Disabled, only legacy WP-Cache caching.”

    I have also re-activated Event Calendar and Events Calendar, which I had thought might be causing the problem. (Yes, I use both: Events calendar to show a list of upcoming events in the sidebar, Event Calendar to put trailers of upcoming movies in order of release on the home page.)

    Everything seems working at the moment, so this is not a priority. Just wish I knew what happened.

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