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  • Jetpack provides a mobile theme in its latests versions.

    Although Jetpack’s mobile theme is nos specifically supported by WP Super Cache according to its FAQ:

    I have found that both plugins work mostly fine together.

    But I have found an issue with Android tablets. Jetpack does not consider Android tablets as mobile devices:

    function jetpack_is_mobile( $kind = ‘any’, $return_matched_agent = false ) {

    if( $ua_info->is_android_tablet() && $ua_info->is_kindle_touch() === false )
    return false;

    This is fine, as most tablets can show the desktop version correctly.

    But WP Super Cache does consider all Android devices as mobile devices, including tables, which do not have the “mobile” tag in their user-agent.

    Therefore, starting from a clean-cache situation:

    – if the first “mobile access” comes from a tablet, Jetpack will send the desktop version, and WPSC will cache the desktop versions as “mobile”. Further accesses from real mobile devices will get that cached desktop version.

    – if the first “mobile access” comes from a real mobile, Jetpack will send the mobile version and WPSC will cache it. But tablets will get the mobile version, instead of the desktop one.

    So, WPSC should be aware of the difference between tablets and real mobile devices. It may use the Jetpack’s algorithm (if installed), which is quite good, to detect that.

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  • I noticed this error as well. But even if I access the site first in a mobile device and then if I access it on Android tab, it load the desktop version.

    Since the mobile version does not work in android tabs, I am forced to switch to wptouch for a mobile theme and again WPTouch has compatability issue with Jetpack sharing icons. So, I have disabled jetpack sharing feature aswell and switched back to sociable.

    I guess fixing mobile theme version for tablets will fix all other related issues.

    After installing yesterday’s update (version 1.3.2) and activating the Jetpack mobile theme plugin, I can no longer reproduce this issue!

    Thanks for fixing this, Donncha! 🙂

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