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  1. katmmad
    Posted 5 years ago #

    In anticipation of a big traffic spike, I set my WP-Super-Cache settings super high. Since then the site has been wonky, with two main problems:

    a) Readers who commented frequently started getting 403 errors, for no apparent reason.

    b) Pages that I had updated no longer refresh, no matter how many times I clear the cache. I'm not even seeing the "Edit" button on the page. I suspect this is happening because I added some pages to be directly cached by WP-Super-Cache.

    I have since reset the plugin settings to default -- then when nothing happened I turned off caching -- and then I deactivated the plugin entirely. No dice -- readers still get the 403 errors, and I still can't see the updated pages. Do I need to uninstall the entire plugin and edit my root code?

    Any help is appreciated -- thank you!

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