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  • BillBell


    I would like to provide a means for suicide counsellors to record their telephone conversations with their subjects. The counsellors are unpaid volunteers and they usually work from their own homes.
    When someone in distress speaks to a counsellor the counsellor tries to get the person to agree to follow some kind of therapeutic programme. Since the same distressed people sometimes speak to more than one counsellor the counsellors would like to share information.
    My question is, would WP be suitable for this application?
    We need to disquise the true names of those in distress, in case the system is violated, and I have been thinking that this might be achieved by simply encrypting true names, and using the encrypted names to index into a large list of more readable names.
    We want to keep unauthorised people from accessing the records. We want to make it easy to list all of the most recent entries for any given person. We want to provide forms for counsellors so that we obtain fairly consistent types of information.
    Would someone please comment?
    Thanks very much in advance.
    Bill Bell

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    1. This site would have some very sensitive onformation contained within. I would use a .htaccess to password protect the whole site. I would also setup – outside of the the install – an agreed list of client names and what pseudonym will be used onsite. It would not be good enough to simply encrypt names – just don’t use them.
    2. Turn off Update Services once this is installed
    3. Have each client setup as a category.
    4. Tell the clients their info is being stored electronically and give them info on when you delete it.
    5. For the staff to use it, just promote them to a sufficient level to post (I do not have others posting so I know little about user levels).
    6. Forms. Tricky. One method may be to create the ‘form’ in a post, then save it multiple times into a category called ‘forms’. When someone needs to post, they EDIT the form, then save it into the named category. I’m not sure how this would work though with regard to user levels. The other way of course is to just insist that they follow a certain format – have an example on site.

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