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  • This problem has been driving me nuts, please help.

    I’m using wp Storecart for my e-commerce site, and while my prices all show correctly on my store page, when you click on any of the products and go to the product page, the price doubles. If you add to cart and continue to checkout, the price remains doubled. This is very every single product I have. Here’s what I’ve tried so far, all of which have been unsuccessful.

    1. Adding an identical Sale Price, this didn’t do anything
    2. Deleting the product pages and republishing them
    3. Putting random prices in, no matter what I put in the price gets doubled
    4. Deactivating wp Storecart and reactivating it
    5. Changing inventory settings (that was a complete shot in the dark)

    My last resort if I can’t get any help here is just going to be to uninstall the plugin and reinstall, which would suck because I’d lose all the info and have to start again from scratch.

    Has anyone seen this happen before? I’m using the free Storecart version btw.

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